Domain Training

Pyxis provides extensive training to the employees so as to enable them to deliver on the complex business requirements from the clients. Each of the training modules has been designed keeping in mind the different categories of client users and functions involved (traders, risk managers, quant support, system support etc.). These modules have been further segregated into various levels so as to provide flexibility to choose the module as per the business requirement.

All the modules have been carefully crafted to provide a deep understanding of the business. The training modules have been developed by a team of people having extensive knowledge of the industry and have a deep understanding of the learning process. The team is headed by Mr. Bhatkar, who has been in this industry for several years and has trained over 700 derivative traders / professionals.

The training is delivered using an array of methodologies like interactive workshops, presentations, classroom style instruction, assignments using proprietary systems etc. All the trainees have to manage their deals/derivative portfolio using the Pyxis internally developed systems ( RisKompass, Ionpot, PEM etc) as a part of the assignment.

Apart from the standard training modules, Pyxis also provide customized training as per the clients project requirements whereby enabling the project team gain a better understanding on the client business.

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