Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Pyxis helps Bank’s Global Markets Operations to stay competitive by converting trading information to intelligence for improved business decisions and enables responding to insights quickly.

Pyxis' experience of implementation of Data Warehousing technologies helps Organizations achieve Business Intelligence goals across Front, Mid and Back Office.

A few instances of Pyxis applying Business Intelligence for Global Markets include:

Business Operations and Risk Reporting:

The solution enabled:

  • Front Office users to drill down to the factor attributing to their P&L movements
  • Mid Office users for running of VaR on Bank wide portfolios, undertaking counterparty and broker analysis and so on

Business Forecasting:

The solution enables Traders to analyze large sets of market data for trading, back-test their strategies & run scenario analysis.

Management Dashboards:

The solution aggregated and Segregated performance across desks & asset classes.

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