Pyxis Exposure Manager

To effectively manage and monitor the treasury operations, Pyxis has developed ‘Pyxis Exposure Manager' (PEM) which helps corporate to improve treasury operations efficiency, bring in effective treasury controls, improve market risk management and provide real-time performance analysis with enhanced decision making capabilities.

Pyxis Exposure Manager provide 360 degree visibility on treasury operations, complete control on treasury activities and real-time reporting anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the need for spreadsheet based reporting and provides a robust mechanism for implementing and monitoring organizations' Risk Management policies and processes.

The solution enables the Senior Management to keep an 'eagle-eye' view on their financial risks, assisting in taking appropriate actions before the risk becomes too large to manage.

PEM helps corporate in –

  • Achieving desired market levels using configurable FX market level alerts
  • Monitoring treasury operations for ensuring compliance with hedge policy framework
  • Tracking and monitoring exposures and associated covers
  • Dashboard view for CFO and top management with 360 degree view of the treasury operation
  • Real-time access to MIS reports for quick assessment of the overall performance at multiple levels

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